Our system picks up the different signals a cellular device transmits – cell tower & satellite connection, bluetooth & Wifi – and brings the data together in an integral system, which uses that data to pinpoint people’s actual location.

Tracking the phone’s movements and through people’s app-usage, all relevant data is collected and brought together to create a comprehensive report of your potential customers. By ways of our cleansing process, which eliminates the phones whose data and/or connection is not sufficient, we can provide a 99% guarantee that someone is at or has been to a specific location.


Real-time advertising provides you with the possibility to reach your audience on any desired location at any specific time of day. Using our profound programmatic buying algorithms & real-time bidding, we can serve ads to all users the moment they arrive at a specific location, thus maximizing potential engagement.

The possibility to advertise real-time on location is unique; no other system in the world can do this, making it perfectly suited to take away ‘footfall’ – storetraffic – away from your competitors.


Historical retargeting provides you with the possibility to reach your target audience on the most effective time of day. Using the same programmatic buying algorithms but with different settings, we can serve ads to the right users at the right time and at the right price, thus maximizing your chance of conversion with potential customers. 

It has proven to be the most resourceful way of serving ads to specific target audiences around the globe we have encountered in our many years of experience in the field.



There are 3 types of ads possible via our location-based services; Display, Rich-media & Video. Having defined the audience which contains your potential customers, an advertisement can be shown to the cellular devices in your target audience. Using our programmatic buying algorithms, these advertisements can be shown on phones as well as tablets of your specific audience via application or websites.

Both real-time advertising & historical retargeting have significant traits which can be used for different goals, to optimize the click-through-rate and to maximize your company’s conversion-ratio.


Next to various ways of location-based advertising, LOCADS also specialises in Google Ads & Social Media-campaigns, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your needs and desires in Digital Advertising. 

When you combine all above factors, the possibilities in Digital Advertising are endless. With over 40 years of marketing experience combined, you can be sure your online target audience will be reached in the best possible & most effective way.


We are able to not only re-engage your fans, followers & clicks, but also to re-engage the leads we created using our location-based ads. In order to mitigate costs, we retarget these leads via the big digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Using all available tools out there, including the big tracking pixels, LOCADS is able to provide a 360° Digital Advertising-campaign, leaving no stone unturned and no man behind.




Graphics play a big role in the world of Digital Advertising. Since we are, as our slogan states, a no-limits marketing agency, we create the desired content for every thinkable campaign. Our team of designers have a lot of experience and aren’t satisfied until you are.

We are delighted to help in any way possible; from creating videos, moving banners, rich media ads as well as native and display media banners to creating full responsive design websites.


For the best possible advertisement results, we strongly advise all our clients to create a customised landing page for each different campaign. We’re specialised in creating customised landing pages, designed to fit the customer’s specific needs in order to maximize conversion.


A good-looking online presence is as important as never before, which is why we consult all our clients on what their online presence should look & feel like. When desired, we’re fully capable of managing your complete marketing schedule & online presence, including artwork & design, writing & planning posts and advertising campaigns.



Have you been advertising online for a while now, not exactly knowing if you use the right expressions and channels to reach your specific target audience? Don’t know how to properly handle the data that comes from ads on Digital platforms? 

Together we will examine your online presence and use of digital channels, as well as (ways of) advertising & retargeting campaigns to get an overall look of what aspects are already working for you and what aspects still need improving. Analyzing the data from Facebook ads and Google Analytics is essential for your business to thrive and more importantly, not spending your money on unnecessary elements. All data should be helpful as an investment for your company, meaning that the money you spend on ads and the data that follows, should be seen as an investment in your company or a value increase in a product.


Don’t know where to start taking your business or product to the market or no idea on how to increase revenue from your marketing strategy?

Sit down with our team of specialized analists & strategists to create the perfect marketing strategy for your business together. Based on USPs, customer profile & customer location, we decide what we need to do and what aspects we should outline to engage customers to take action.


Has the increase in your conversion-rate died down or, even worse, decreased, and you don’t know what happened?

Chances are your ways of facilitating and measuring conversions are not optimized or even outdated. Working together with LOCADS, we will create a clear overview of costs versus revenue to make sure you will never spend more than is absolutely necessary. Optimizing conversion-rate, for example by creating customised landing pages, is of the essence in this digital age. As people tend to be distracted within seconds, most likely leaving your page without having paid for the product, we have created specific tools to assure the best possible way of tempting them into a sale.