The implications of our location-based advertising services are astounding. This newest trend in Digital Advertising has seen an uprise in use but is still flying under the radar as of yet; something LOCADS is about to change! Step into the future and join us there; you won’t regret it!


Marketing is all around us. It is incorporated into every aspect of our daily lifes, making it impossible to go without as a business. For us, it is a way of life. With well over 40 years of experience in this specific work field combined, our marketing agency has the tools to take your business to the next level.

Target audience

We define target audiences based on people’s behavorial patterns, but also via traditional ways like data from cookies and commercial DMPs. Using the machine-learning algorithms in our location targeting system, a target audience is built real-time on any & every specification you desire. Criteria sets include demographics such as age, gender, home location, spending habits, ‘social class’ and so on. Consumer details have never been this specific.

real-time advertising

A tool like no other. Directly advertising on a specific location via digital platforms is a game-changer as the world has never seen this option before to this extent. Reaching audiences on the spot wherever they are is the definition of new-age marketing. It means you can take away your competitors clients or customers without leaving your business, or even your home.


Historical retargeting

By using all location-based methods combined, historical retargeting has achieved unprecedented results in both CTR and conversion, the likes of which are uncomparable to traditional advertising as well as modern-day Digital Marketing-campaigns.

Marketing Consult

We would love to invite you over for a cup of coffee and have a talk about your business’ marketing efforts; free of charge.